The Team

Katherine Bellingham


Leaning on Izzet since she started playing, Kat enjoys every color besides Green

Favorite Format: Standard
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1st JustPlay WPNQ Qualifer, Pioneer, 2020
2nd Harlequins Preston, Theros: Beyond Death Pre-Release, 2020

Pagan Young


A mental library of cards, trivia and decks, Pagan is familiar with almost every format out there, especially Kamigawa Block Constructed Tiny Leaders.

Favorite Format: Modern

1st Nerd Shak PPTQ, Modern
2nd JustPlay WPNQ Qualifer, Pioneer
Day 2 GP Manchester, Standard

Adam Livermore

If Adam is playing it, it’s most likely red unless it’s one of the other half a dozen decks he has built at any time.

Favorite Format: Modern

1st Harlequins Preston Theros: Beyond Death Pre-Release
1st Harlequins Preston Throne of Eldraine Pre-Release
1st Harlequins Preston War of the Spark Pre-Release
1st Harlequins Preston Ravnica: Allegiance Pre-Release
1st Harlequins Preston Guilds of Ravnica Pre-Release
1st Harlequins Preston Dominaria Pre-Release
1st TGS Colne Kaladesh Pre-Release

Louis Birtwistle


Much better than he thinks he is, Louis enjoys grinding out events and testing out the latest spice.

Favorite Format: Limited (Draft)
Twitter / Twitch

3rd Axion MegaModern, Modern
4th Nerd Shak Wigan PPTQ, Standard
3rd JustPlay WPNQ Qualifier, Pioneer
2nd Harlequins Preston Theros: Beyond Death Pre-Release

Sebastian Gibbons

Always looking for the next big meme.

Favorite Format: Pioneer

All Time Undisputed Meme Master